When and Where map

Our When and Where map shows where broadband is available or is likely to be delivered in the coming years. It is based on the best information available to the Authority from a number of sources – there may be discrepancies. You can use our When and Where map postcode search to find an address.

Please note that commercial coverage and project plans can be subject to change. Commercial telecoms suppliers are not required to share changes in coverage with local authorities. Data is updated when changes are known. To find out more about which telecoms providers have networks in the county, please see the Telecoms Providers page.

Openreach also has an interactive map of their announced exchange upgrades. Not all premises within an exchange area announced by Openreach will be served (subject to commercial viability). To find out more visit Openreach's Fibre First map

Help us to keep our When and Where map current. If you believe the When and Where map data on a property is incorrect, please let us know by emailing details to bigidea.ncc@northnorthants.gov.uk

Further information 

It should be noted that this programme and the current expected coverage will be subject to change over the lifetime of the Project. Visit our Map FAQ's for further information.

Map FAQ's