When and Where map

Our When and Where map shows where broadband roll out plans are in place or expected to happen in the coming years. You can use our When and Where map postcode search to find an address and learn more about expected current availability or planned provision of broadband services in the locality. If your property is part of Gigabit plans being delivered by Superfast Northamptonshire with Gigaclear, you may find more information on deployment timescales by visiting the Roll Out Schedule page.

In September 2020, we launched our new look When and Where map to provide information on known coverage plans at a premise (rather than postcode) level. Our When and Where map shows where superfast, ultrafast or gigabit capable broadband is thought to be already available or is expected to come forward in the coming months or years. It also shows where we believe there are currently no commercial plans for broadband upgrades. These are the premises still in need of faster broadband solutions and are the continued focus for the Superfast Northamptonshire project and government’s Project Gigabit.

Please note that commercial coverage and project plans can be subject to change. Commercial telecoms suppliers are not required to share changes in coverage with local authorities. The last formal consultation with telecoms providers on their coverage and plans was launched in late 2020 and concluded in February 2021. This means that more recent announcements by some telecoms providers on new commercial plans is not currently shown – we are approaching suppliers to work with us to share new data.  The When and Where map will be updated as and when new data is made available. To find out more about which telecoms providers have networks in the county, please see the Telecoms Providers page.

Openreach has made a number of announcements about their Fibre First programme of exchange wide upgrades (see Working with Openreach page).  These plans are not represented at a premise level on the When and Where map unless Openreach has provided premise level information on coverage to the Superfast Northamptonshire team or, if there are no other known plans for a premise, the potential inclusion in the Openreach programme is flagged.  Openreach Fibre First plans in Northamptonshire look ahead to 2026 and it is clear that not all premises within an exchange area will be served (subject to commercial viability). To find out more visit Openreach's Fibre First map

Help us to keep our When and Where map current. If you believe the When and Where map data on a property is incorrect, please let us know by emailing details to bigidea.ncc@northnorthants.gov.uk

Further information 

It should be noted that this programme and the current expected coverage will be subject to change over the lifetime of the Project. Visit our Map FAQ's for further information.

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