When and Where map

Our When and Where map shows where broadband roll out plans are in place or expected to happed in the coming years. You can use our When and Where map postcode search for an estimate of when superfast broadband may be coming to your area. You may find more detailed information on the Roll Out Schedule page. 

The map  is based on the best interpretation of information available to the County Council provided by commercial telecoms providers at a postcode level and the Council’s contracts with Openreach and Gigaclear. However, the map is not accurate at a premise level.  

Commercial coverage

The commercial coverage areas shown on the map are based on information provided by telecoms providers following the Open Market Review undertaken by the County Council which concluded in early 2016. This asked for information on where suppliers already provide or are planning to roll out broadband networks capable of supporting speeds of at least 30Mbps. There are several commercial ’Next Generation’ fibre network suppliers currently operating in the county. To find out more please see the Telecoms Providers page.

Roll out programme

The remaining phasing shows the anticipated roll out programme being progressed through plans secured to date by the County Council through the Superfast Northamptonshire project. This includes two contracts with Openreach providing for over 74,250 premises and the most recent contract signed with Gigaclear to deploy ultrafast broadband to a further 6,330 premises in the rural areas. It also includes coverage being managed by Abthorpe Broadband Association’s and delivered by Tove Valley Broadband in the south of the county, enabled by Government’s Rural Community Broadband Fund. New initiatives to extend coverage are continuing to come forward.

Further information 

It should be noted that this programme and the current expected coverage will be subject to change over the lifetime of the Project. Visit our Map FAQ's for further information.

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