State Aid Public Consultation

The last State Aid Public Consultation undertaken by the County Council for the Superfast Northamptonshire project was published in May 2016 and closed in June 2016. 

State Aid Public Consultation 

This was in preparation for Stage 3 of the project. This public consultation sought views from interested telecoms providers and other stakeholders on the proposed Intervention Area ('White areas') for Stage 3. This is where the County Council believes there are no commercial telecoms plans for superfast broadband and where public funding is needed to bring forward plans.

The maps provided in the consultation were informed by the outcome of an Open Market Review which the County Council launched in November 2015. Telecoms providers were invited to confirm their existing and planned commercial coverage in the county, looking ahead three years - such coverage being defined as Basic Broadband or Next Generation Access (NGA) depending on the quality of technical standards met. NGA involves fibre optic based networks which are wired or fixed wireless access and are capable of higher throughput than traditional copper networks.

You can find out more about how the Intervention Area is determined in the 'Identifying Where Public Investment is Needed' section on the Progress Overview page.

Responses to the State Aid Public Consultation 

The County Council has considered the responses to the consultation and prepared revised Basic Broadband and NGA maps. The 'White' areas on the NGA map comprise the eligible Intervention Area for Stage 3. The maps can be viewed in the State Aid Public Consultation – Closure Note below. 

The County Council secured State Aid clearance for the procurement from the National Competence Centre on 01 September 2016. Stage 3 is compliant with the European Commission (EC) decision on a National Broadband Scheme for the UK. This forms part of the regulatory framework governing how public funding can be invested in broadband networks. 

Full fibre network provider Gigaclear won the Stage 3 contracts. You can find out more on the working with Gigaclear page.

The eligible intervention area for Stage 3 of the project can be viewed above. The 'White' areas on the map are areas where public funding can be invested in NGA broadband networks. The Blue areas are under review as commercial plans in the area were uncertain at the time of the State Aid Public Consultation. Existing or planned commercial coverage, or plans already committed/delivered under Stage 1 or 2 of the project, are shown as Grey or Black on the map.