The Roll Out Schedule

The Superfast Northamptonshire project is securing broadband solutions for those parts of the county which otherwise wouldn’t be served. The Roll Out Schedules below provide more detailed information on network upgrades already delivered "Now Available" and those parts of the network in planning or build "Coming Soon". You can also see plans on the When and Where map.

The County Council is disappointed at delays being experienced in the deployment of plans for both BT and Gigaclear which mean that some communities will not be served as quickly as first expected.  This is frustrating for residents and businesses.  Progress on the deployment of revised plans will continue to be reported on the Roll Out Schedule.  It is important to note that these may still be subject to change at a local level, whilst the County Council would not expect further delays to the overall completion of current plans.  Issues can arise which impact on delivery progress and which are not in the control of the supplier such as bad weather, securing wayleave agreements, Highways traffic management, or opportunities for early completion of a build for example. 

Despite delays to the programme, Northamptonshire remains amongst the best performing areas for superfast and ultrafast broadband coverage in England. 

 Openreach Stage 1 - CompleteOPEN SNIP 2.JPG

  • Number of premises passed by fibre: 61,950
  • Number of premises now able to take up superfast broadband: 53,800 in the  target 'in need' area (end December 2015 - updated quarterly)
  • Number of fibre cabinets or structures deployed: 310
  • Over 490km of fibre cable laid
  • Delivery progress stage 1: 101% complete (delivered 3 months early)   

Openreach Stage 2 - up to end ​June 2019

  • Number of premises passed by fibre: 22,180
  • Number of premises now able to take up superfast broadband (in intervention area): 18,310
  • This takes Stage 2 superfast delivery: 93% complete
  • Number of fibre cabinets or structures deployed: 254

Gigaclear Stage 3 - up to end June 2019

  • 6,300 rural premises are due to benefit from ultrafast broadband
  • Fibre roll out due to complete in mid 2020
  • Over 490km of fibre optic cable laid
  • Number of premises now able to take up full fibre ultrafast broadband: 2,000

Please also refer to the Background page to find out more about the project targets.

To find out if you are served by one of the cabinets below and what broadband speeds could be available to you go to BT Wholesale Availability Checker.  To compare fibre broadband deals available to you go to  or other comparison sites.   

Faster broadband services are not automatic – you need to contact an internet service provider to ask about and order an upgrade. To find out how to purchase a superfast service go to "Get Connected".

Upgraded structure OR exchange​Live Date
​Serving parts of
Approx premises covered
Adderbury 5September 2014Kings Sutton440
Adderbury 6September 2014Kings Sutton490
Adderbury 7December 2014Charlton250
​Benefield 1​December 2016​Upper Benefield​110
Blakesley 3July 2014Maidford80
​Blakesley 5​October 2017​Blakesley80
​Blakesley 6July 2017​Blakesley​160
Blisworth 1January 2015Milton Malsor340
Blisworth 2February 2015Blisworth230
​Blisworth 3​June 2017​Gayton​200
​Blisworth 5​January 2017​Blisworth​100
​Blisworth 10​April 2017​Blisworth​420
​Blisworth 11​September 2017Blisworth300
​Brixworth 32 (FTTP)​September 2019​Brixworth​25
Bozeat 1September 2014Bozeat240
Bozeat 2October 2014Bozeat240
Bozeat 3August 2014Bozeat300
Bozeat 4September 2014Bozeat220
Bozeat 5September 2014Bozeat170
​Bozeat 6​July 2016​Easton Maudit​30
​Bozeat 7​May 2016​Wollaston220
​Bozeat 8May 2016Wollaston​280
​Bozeat 9May 2016Wollaston230
​Bozeat 10May 2016Wollaston430
​Bozeat 11​September 2016​Wollaston​460
​Bozeat 12​June 2016​Wollaston​40
​Bozeat 13​April 2018​Wollaston​40
Brackley 22July 2015Brackley120
Braunston 1February 2015Barby210
Braunston 2February 2014Barby240
​Braunston 4​October 2018​Braunston​140
Braunston 5February 2014Braunston150
​Braunston 7​December 2017Braunston​80
​Braunston 8​January 2017​Ashby St Ledger​60
​Braunston 9​June 2017​Braunston410
​Braunston 11​June 2017​Braunston​70
​Brigstock 1​March 2017​Brigstock​300
​Brigstock 2​March 2017​Brigstock​280
​Brigstock 3​December 2017​Brigstock​30
​Brigstock PV31 (FTTP)April 2018​​Brigstock​20
Brixworth 1June 2014Brixworth250
Brixworth 2June 2014Pitsford270
Brixworth 3June 2014Brixworth240
Brixworth 5June 2014Brixworth420
Brixworth 6June 2014Brixworth230
​Brixworth 7​April 2016​Brixworth​40
​Brixworth 8​July 2016​Brixworth30
Brixworth 11June 2014Brixworth230
Brixworth 12June 2014Brixworth140
Broughton 1June 2014Broughton160
Broughton 2June 2014Broughton160
​Broughton 3​November 2016​Cransley​120
Broughton 4June 2014Broughton230
​Broughton 5​April 2016​Broughton​80
Broughton 6November 2014Pytchley210
Broughton 7June 2014Mawsley Village470
Broughton 8September 2014Mawsley Village430
Broughton 9September 2015Broughton240
Burton Latimer 13September 2014Burton Latimer160
​Burton Latimer 18​October 2016​Burton Latimer​50
​​Burton Latimer 21​March 2017​Burton Latimer​210
​Burton Latimer 23​March 2018​Polwell Lane​20
Byfield 1November 2014Upper Boddington190
Byfield 2December 2014Hinton310
Byfield 4April 2015Hellidon100
​Byfield 6​January 2017Charwelton​​80
Byfield 5December 2014Woodford Halse460
Byfield 7December 2014Eydon180
Byfield 8December 2014Hinton380
Byfield 10November 2014Lower Boddington110
Byfield 11February 2015Hinton200
Byfield 12December 2014Hinton240
​Byfield 14​March 2017​Byfield​560
​Byfield 15May 2017​Eydon​30
​Chapel Brampton 6​January 2017​Kingsthorpe​30
​Chapel Brampton V31 (FTTP)​November 2018​Chapel Brampton​50
Chipping Warden 1July 2015Chipping Warden220
​Chipping Warden 2​July 2017​Chipping Warden​110
Clipston 1July 2015Arthingworth100
Clopton 2June 2015Thorpe Mandville80
​Clopton 5​March 2018​Wadenhoe​70
Clopton 6December 2014Aldwincle110
​Cogenhoe 1July 2018​​Cogenhoe​50
​Cogenhoe 2​August 2016​Brafield on the Green​200
Cogenhoe 3November 2014Cognehoe280
​Cogenhoe 4​August 2016​Denton​330
​Cogenhoe 5​March 2017​Brafield on the Green​160
Cogenhoe 6November 2014Cognehoe340
Cogenhoe 7September 2014Little Houghton190
​Corby 3​February 2016​Corby ​100
​Corby 27​February 2016​Corby​30
​Corby 36​June 2016​Corby​40
​​Corby 37​June 2017​Corby​40
Corby 41November 2014Corby130
​Corby 50​October 2016​Corby​80
​Corby 54​June 2016​Corby​50
​Corby 62​January 2016​Corby​30
​Corby 73​​January 2016​Corby​30
​Corby 74​January 2016​Corby​30
​Corby 75​January 2016​Corby​10
​Corby 79​January 2016​Corby​70
​Cotterstock 1​January 2017​Cotterstock​70
​Cotterstock 2​August 2016​Fotheringhay​60
​Cotterstock 3​August 2017​Tansor​50
​Cotterstock 33 (FTTP)July 2018​​Tansor​20
​Cotterstock 34 (FTTP)​January 2019​Fotheringhay​15
​Cranford 1​November 2015​Great Addington​120
​Cranford 2 ​March 2018​Cranford​40
​Cranford 3​April 2018​Cranford​80
​Cranford 4​April 2018​Cranford​60
Crick 1March 2015Kilsby200
Crick 2February 2015Yelvertoft370
Crick 3February 2015Crick510
Crick 4March 2015Crick170
Crick 5March 2015Kilsby350
​Crick 8​April 2017​Crick​60
Daventry 2July 2015Daventry10
​Daventry 25​January 2017​Daventry​170
​Daventry 36​August 2016​Daventry​30
Daventry 48December 2014Daventry460
Daventry 51September 2014Daventry140
​Daventry 52​June 2017​Daventry​60
​Daventry 53​October 2015​Daventry​70
​Daventry 57​December 2016​Daventry​150
​Desborough 13​November 2016​Desborough​30
Desborough 16February 2015Desborough80
​Desborough 18​March 2017​Desborough​40
Desborough 20February 2015Desborough100
​Desborough 22​January 2019​Desborough​5
​Dingley exchange​December 2015​Dingley​80
​Duddington 1​October 2016​Collyweston​240
​Duddington 7​November 2016Duddington​​70
​Dunchurch 39​January 2019​Onley Park​90

Duston 10

February 2015Kings Heath, Northampton200
​Duston 18​January 2019​Upton​70
​Duston 21
​Ocotober 2015​Northampton​60
Duston 38January 2015Upper Harlstone80
​Duston 45​September 2015​Northampton​50
​​Duston 46​November 2016​Northampton​10
​Duston 49September 2019​​Swan Valley​15
​Duston 50​October 2016​Northampton​30
​Earls Barton 1​December 2016Earls Barton​400
​Earls Barton 2​March 2017​Mears Ashby​210
Earls Barton 3April 2015Earls Barton80
​Earls Barton 4​February 2017​Earls Barton​60
​Earls Barton 5​December 2016​Earls Barton​50
Earls Barton 6April 2015Earls Barton120
​Earls Barton 7​March 2017​Earls Barton​70
​Earls Barton 8​December 2016​Earls Barton​70
​Earls Barton 9​December 2016​Earls Barton​60
Earls Barton 10April 2015Earls Barton170
​Earls Barton 11​December 2016​Earls Barton​60
East Haddon 2February 2015Great Brington210
East Haddon 3December 2014East Haddon320
Elton 2June 2015Warmington430
Finedon 1November 2014Finedon160
Finedon 2March 2015Finedon200
Finedon 3October 2014Finedon260
​Finedon 5​Janaury 2017​Finedon​40
​Great Oakley 2​March 2017​Corby​80
​Great Oakley 3​March 2017​Corby​40
​​Great Oakley 6​June 2017​Corby​40
Great Oakley 15January 2015Corby140
​Great Oakley 18​March 2017​Corby​160
​Great Oakley 19​September 2016​Corby​90
​Great Oakley 21​June 2017​Great Oakley​90
​Great Oakley 43​December 2015​Great Oakley​100
​Great Oakley 45​March 2017​Little Oakley​30
​Guilsborough 1​September 2015​Naseby​270
​Hackleton 1​January 2016​Horton​210
​Hackleton 2​January 2016​Piddington​220
Hackleton 3August 2015Hackleton330
​Hardingstone exchange​September - November 2015​Delapre, Mereway & Northampton​50
​Hardingstone PV1 (FTTP)​April 2018​Wootton​10
​Hardingstone 10​November 2015​Great Houghton90
​Hardingstone 20
​October 2015
​Great Houghton​190
Hardingstone 25March 2015Hardingstone80
​Hardingstone 28​September 2017​Hardingstone​20
​Hardingstone 62 / Hardingstone 93​January 2019​Wootton​80
​​Hardingstone 63​November 2015​Grange Park​360
​Hardingstone 75​August 2015​Wootton​50
​Hardingstone 76​September 2015​Grange Park​100
​Hardingstone 77​November 2015 ​Grange Park ​360
​Hardingstone 80​November 2015 ​Grange Park ​180
​Hardingstone 82​October 2015​Grange Park ​80
​Hardingstone 88​April 2019​Wootton​15
​Hardingstone 90​November 2015 ​Grange Park ​70
​Hardingstone 95​November 2015 ​Grange Park ​260
Hardingstone 98March 2015Wootton40
​Hardingstone V104 (FTTP)​September 2019​Hunsbury Meadowstbc
​Hardingstone 105​March 2019​Wootton​70
​Hardingstone V106 (FTTP)​September 2019​Wootton​tbc
​Hardingstone V107 (FTTP)​September 2019​Wootton​2
​Harrowden 13​December 2017​Hardwick​30
​Harrowden 22​December 2016​Great Harrowden​40
Harrowden 32July 2015Orlingbury190
Husbands Bosworth 3August 2015Sibbertoft140
​​Irthlingborough 1​April 2017​​Irthlingborough​100
​Irthlingborough 2​March 2017​Irthlingborough60​
Irthlingborough 3December 2014Irthlingborough130
​Irthlingborough 4​September 2017​Irthlingborough​40
Irthlingborough 5March 2015Irthlingborough120
​Irthlingborough 6​June 2017​Irthlingborough​30
Irthlingborough 7April  2015Irthlingborough320
Irthlingborough 8April 2015Irthlingborough170
​Irthlingborough 9​April 2017​Irthlingborough​90
Irthlingborough 10March 2015Irthlingborough330
​Irthlingborough 11​September 2015​Irthlingborough​180
​Irthlingborough 13​April 2017​Irthlingborough​60
​Irthlingborough 12​June 2017​Addington Park Industrial Estate​150
​​Irthlingborough 15​March 2017​Irthlingborough​80
​Kettering V1 (FTTP)​September 2019​Kettering Town Centre​4
​Kettering 5​January 2017​Kettering​120
​Kettering 15​September 2016​Kettering ​30
​Kettering 14​March 2019​Kettering Town Centre​140
Kettering 16December 2014Barton Seagrave40
​Kettering 30​February 2017​Kettering​10
​​Kettering 38​June 2017​Kettering​195
Kettering 47August 2014Weekley130
​Kettering 56​August 2016​Kettering​110
Kettering 62September 2014Barton Seagrave40
Kettering 63September 2014Barton Seagrave100
​Kettering 67​March 2017​Kettering​40
​Kettering 69​August 2016​Kettering​90
​Kettering 70​August 2016​Kettering​40
​Kettering 71​October 2016​Kettering​30
​Kettering 73​October 2016​Kettering​50
Kettering 74January 2015Kettering110
​Kettering 75​August 2016​Kettering​30
Kettering 80January 2015Barton Seagrave30
​Kettering 81​August 2016​Kettering​50
Kettering 82August 2014Kettering140
​Kettering 83​January 2017​Kettering ​140
​Kettering 85​August 2016​Kettering​20
​Kettering 87​December 2016​Kettering​70
​Kettering 91​November 2016​Kettering​90
​Kettering 92​April 2018​Kettering​170
​Kettering 93​November 2016​Kettering​40
Kettering 94August 2014Kettering130
​Kettering 98​August 2016​Kettering​20
​Kettering 100​October 2016​Kettering​20
​Kettering 102​July 2018​Kettering​10
​Kettering 110July 2018​Kettering​200​
​Kettering 111​April 2017​Kettering​149
Kings Cliffe 1June 2012Woodnewton200
Kingsthorpe 1May 2014Kingsthorpe140
Kingsthorpe 2April 2015Kingsthorpe90
Kingsthorpe 3December 2014Kingsthorpe170
Kingsthorpe 4July 2015Kingsthorpe120
Kingsthorpe 5November 2014Kingsley Park80
​Kingsthorpe 6​January 2017​Kingsley Park​40
​Kingsthorpe 7​April 2016​Kingsthorpe​40
​Kingsthorpe 10​April 2016​Kingsthorpe​40
Kingsthorpe 11November 2014Kingsthorpe80
​Kingsthorpe 13April 2016​​Kingsthorpe​10
Kingsthorpe 14May 2014Kingsthorpe130
Kingsthorpe 15August 2015Kingsthorpe60
Kingsthorpe 16August 2014Kingsthorpe90
​Kingsthorpe 18​November 2016​Kingsthorpe​30
Kingsthorpe 19August 2014Kingsthorpe140
​Kingsthorpe 21​April 2016​Kingsthorpe​20
​Kingsthorpe 22​June 2016​Kingsthorpe​30
​Kingsthorpe 25​April 2016​Kingsthorpe​20
​Kingsthorpe 24​October 2015​Kingsthorpe​40
Kingsthorpe 26August 2014Kingsthorpe90
​Kingsthorpe 29​September 2015​Kingsthorpe​40
​Kingsthorpe 30​April 2016​Kingsthorpe​30
​Kingsthorpe 31​September 2015​Kingsthorpe​55
Kingsthorpe 34July 2014Kingsthorpe130
​Kingsthorpe 35
​October 2015
Kingsthorpe 38May 2014Kingsthorpe120
​Kingsthorpe 39
​November 2015​Kingsthorpe​40
​Kislingbury exchange​September 2015​Kislingbury (North)​30
Kislingbury  1November 2014Harpole480
Kislingbury 2November 2014Bugbrooke270
Kislingbury 3November 2014Bugbrooke140
Kislingbury 4November 2014Bugbrooke400
Kislingbury 5November 2014Kislingbury270
Kislingbury 6November 2014Rothersthorpe210
Kislingbury 7November 2014Bugbrooke310
Kislingbury 10November 2014Harpole140
Long Buckby 1February 2014Long Buckby340
Long Buckby 2February 2014Long Buckby210
​Long Buckby 3​June 2017​Long Buckby​130
Long Buckby 4February 2014Long Buckby250
Long Buckby 5February 2014Long Buckby650
Long Buckby 6January 2014Whilton Locks110
Long Buckby 7February 2014Watford100
Long Buckby 8February 2014Long Buckby Wharf110
Long Buckby 9December 2014Long Buckby210
​Market Harborough 51​November 2017​Marston Trussell​60
Middleton Cheney 1September 2014Middleton Cheney280
Middleton Cheney 2September 2014Middleton Cheney200
Middleton Cheney 3October 2014Middleton Cheney330
Middleton Cheney 4April 2015Chacombe270
Middleton Cheney 5September 2014Farthinghoe170
Middleton Cheney 6April 2015Marston St Lawrence80
Middleton Cheney 7December 2014Thorpe Mandeville70
Middleton Cheney 8September 2014Middleton Cheney310
Middleton Cheney 9October 2014Middleton Cheney420
​Middleton Cheney 10​June 2017​Middleton Cheney​90
Middleton Cheney 11April 2015Greatworth300
​Middleton Cheney 12​March 2017​Overthorpe​100
​Morcott 2
​November 2015​Harringworth​110
​Moulton 10​October 2015​Northampton​40
Moulton 16June 2015Moulton170
Moulton 44July 2015Moulton70
​Moulton 46​June 2017​Moulton​50
​Northampton 1​September 2016​Northampton​30
Northampton 2February 2015Northampton190
Northampton 5June 2014Northampton140
​Northampton 7​December 2015​Northampton​50
​Northampton 8​June 2016​Northampton​20
Northampton 11June 2014Northampton150
​Northampton 12​September 2016​Northampton​30
Northampton 14August 2015Northampton30
​Northampton 15​July 2016​Northampton​40
​Northampton 16​October 2015​Northampton ​10
Northampton 17June 2014Northampton130
Northampton 18June 2014Northampton120
Northampton 20August 2015Northampton80
​Northampton 21​July 2016​Northampton​20
​Northampton 22​September 2016​Northampton​40
​Northampton 23
​November 2015​Northampton​40
​Northampton 24​October 2015​Northampton​60
​Northampton 25​February 2016​Northampton​40
​Northampton 26
November 2015​Northampton​50
​Northampton 27
November 2015​Northampton​10
Northampton 29June 2015Northampton110
Northampton 30October 2014Northampton110
​Northampton 32​July 2016​Northampton​30
​Northampton 33​March 2016​Northampton​20
​Northampton 34​June 2016​Northampton​50
​Northampton 35​July 2016​Northampton​20
Northampton 37September 2014Northampton100
​Northampton 38​April 2017​Northampton​50
Northampton 39August 2015Northampton40
​Northampton 40​October 2015​Northampton ​240
Northampton 41July 2014Northampton130
Northampton 43August 2015Northampton70
Northampton 44June 2015Northampton140
Northampton 45February 2015Northampton110
​Northampton 46​June 2016​Northampton​30
​Northampton 47​July 2016​Northampton​20
​Northampton 48
​November 2015​Northampton​90
​Northampton 49​August 2016​Northampton​20
​Northampton 51​October 2015​Northampton​80
​Northampton 52​September 2015​Northampton​65
​Northampton 53
​November 2015​Northampton​100
​Northampton 54​April 2016Northampton​​20
Northampton 55June 2014Northampton120
Northampton 56August 2015Northampton220
​Northampton 58​October 2015​Northampton​80
Northampton 59February 2015Northampton70
​Northampton 60
​October 2015
​Northampton 61​September 2015​Northampton​75
​Northampton 62
​November 2015​Northampton​70
Northampton 63August 2015Northampton100
​Northampton 64​June 2017​Northampton​40
​Northampton 65​October 2015​Northampton​90
Northampton 68July 2014Northampton190
​Northampton 69​October 2015​Northampton​30
​Northampton 70​September 2015​Northampton​20
​Northampton 71​November 2016​Northampton​30
​Northampton 72​September 2015​Northampton​80
​Northampton 73​June 2016​Northampton​20
​Northampton 77​July 2016​Northampton​40
​Northampton 79​October 2015​Northampton​40
Northampton 81July 2014Northampton140
​Northampton 82​November 2015​Northampton​70
​Northampton 85​September 2015​Northampton​40
​Northampton 86​July 2016​Northampton​20
Northampton 87July 2014Northampton110
​Northampton 88​October 2015​Northampton​30
Northampton 91June 2014Northampton390
​Northampton 93​July 2016​Northampton​20
​Northampton 95​October 2015​Northampton​40
​Northampton 97July 2018​Northampton​200​
​Northampton 105​October 2015​Northampton​120
​Northampton 106​October 2015​Northampton​60
Oundle 1July 2014Oundle200
Oundle 2July 2014Barnwell140
Oundle 3August 2014Oundle590
Oundle 4July 2014Oundle290
Oundle 5August 2014Oundle370
Oundle 6November 2014Polebrook260
Oundle 7July 2014Oundle240
​Oundle 8​June 2017​Oundle​130
Oundle 9July 2014Oundle200
Oundle 10July 2014Oundle210
Oundle 11July 2014Oundle240
​Oundle 12​December 2016​Oundle​110
​Oundle 13​December 2016​Oundle​100
​Oundle 35​February 2018​Southwick​TBA
​Oundle 37​November 2017​Barnwell​50
Pattishall 1March 2014Litchborough140
​Pattishall 2​March 2017​Astcote​160
​Pattishall 3​November 2016​Eastcote​150
Pattishall 4April 2014Pattishall230
Pattishall 5March 2014Pattishall190
​Pattishall 6​Janaury 2017​Cold Higham​80
​Pattishall 7​November 2017​Grimscote​70
Paulerspury 1May 2015Paulerspury400
​Paulerspury 2​July 2017​Pury End​120
​Paulerspury 3 (FTTP)​April 2018​Alderton​20
​Preston Capes 1 ​July 2016​Everdon​160
​Preston Capes 2​June 2016​Preston Capes​100
​Preston Capes 3​August 2017​Farthingstone​80
​Raunds 10​April 2017​Stanwick​120
​Raunds 13​April 2017​Raunds​130
Raunds 15​June 2017​Raunds​20
Raunds 20May 2015Stanwick150
Raunds 21May 2015Ringstead390
​Raunds 23​January 2018​Hargrave​70
​Raunds 26​October 2018​Hargave​24
Roade 1May 2015Hartwell190
​Roade 2​April 2017​Roade​70
Roade 3June 2015Roade120
​Roade 4​April 2017​Roade​90
Roade 5June 2015Roade400
Roade 6May 2015Stoke Bruerne150
Roade 7May 2015Shutlanger400
Roade 8May 2015Hartwell150
Roade 9May 2015Ashton390
Roade 10May 2015Roade150
​Roade 13​June 2017​Roade​140
​Roade 15​May 2018​Courteenhall​10
​Rockingham exchange​June 2016​Rockingham​50
Rockingham 2June 2015Gretton170
Rockingham 4June 2015Middleton260
Rockingham 5June 2015Cottingham420
Rockingham 6June 2015Wilbarston290
Rockingham 7June 2015Gretton400
​Rockingham 8​January 2018​East Carlton​50
​Rothwell 1​March 2017​Rothwell​80
Rothwell 2August 2014Rothwell160
Rothwell 3December 2014Rothwell140
​Rothwell 4​April 2017​Rothwell​30
Rothwell 7July 2015Loddington200
Rothwell 9June 2015Rushton160
Rothwell 10March 2015Rothwell110
Rothwell 12March 2015Rothwell190
​Rothwell 13​​September 2015​Rothwell (South)​​200
​Rothwell 14​December 2016​Rothwell​30
​Rothwell (PV38)​September 2017​Rothwell​10
Rushden 3July 2015Rushden100
Rushden 40June 2015Rushden200
​Rushden 41​May 2017​Higham Ferrers​30
​Rushden 45​March 2017​Rushden​10
​Rushden 46 (FTTP)​April 2018​Sanders Lodge Industrial Estate​10
​Rushden 47​March 2017​Higham Ferrers​40
​Rushden 50​March 2017​Rushden​30
Rushden 52March 2015Higham Ferrers90
Rushden 56June 2015Rushden180
​Rushden 59​January 2018​Rushden​50
Silverstone 1February 2014Whittlebury250
Silverstone 3February 2014Silverstone180
​Silverstone 4​November 2017​Silverstone​150
​Silverstone 5​October 2018​Silverstone​64
Silverstone 7February 2014Silverstone140
​Silverstone 8​March 2017​Silverstone​300
​Silverstone 9​July 2017​Silverstone​60
​Silverstone 10​January 2019​Whittlebury​40
​Stony Stratford 44​April 2018​Deanshanger​30
Sulgrave 1March 2015Moreton Pinkney160
Sulgrave 3December 2014Helmdon330
Sulgrave 4December 2014Culworth180
Sulgrave 5December 2014Sulgrave200
​Swinford 1​October 2016​Lilbourne​160
​Syresham 1​October 2016​Syresham​220
​Syresham 2​October 2016​Whitfield​80
​Syresham 6​September 2017​Syresham​40
Thrapston 1June 2014Islip360
Thrapston 2June 2014Thrapston260
Thrapston 3June 2014Thrapston390
Thrapston 4June 2014Woodford390
Thrapston 5August 2014Thrapston420
Thrapston 6June 2014Thrapston350
Thrapston 7June 2014Titchmarsh250
Thrapston 8July 2014Woodford270
Thrapston 9June 2014Thrapston220
Thrapston 11June 2014Thrapston490
Thrapston 12June 2014Thrapston380
Thrapston 13June 2014Thrapston140
Thrapston 14October 2014Lowick180
​Thrapston 15​January 2017​Thrapston​70
​Thrapston 17​December 2015​Thrapston​260
​Thrapston 19​December 2017​Twywell​80
​Thrapston 20​January 2018​Denford​120
Towcester 1April 2015Towcester110
Towcester 2January 2014Greens Norton520
Towcester 3March 2014Towcester340
Towcester 4January 2014Towcester570
Towcester 5February 2014Towcester630
Towcester 6January 2014Towcester480
Towcester 7April 2014Greens Norton160
Towcester 8March 2014Greens Norton140
Towcester 9March 2014Towcester270
Towcester 10January 2014Towcester180
Towcester 11January 2014Towcester340
Towcester 12January 2014Towcester250
Towcester 13January 2014Towcester160
Towcester 14January 2014Towcester190
Towcester 15January 2014Towcester530
Towcester 18April 2015Towcester110
​Towcester 16​July 2017​Towcester​50
Walgrave St Peters 1May 2015Holcot180
Walgrave St Peters 2March 2015Walgrave210
Walgrave St Peters 3May 2015Old210
​Walgrave St Peters 4​December 2016​Hannington​110
Walgrave St Peters 5March 2015Walgrave180
Wansford 2June 2015Nassington350
Wansford 5June 2015Yarwell130
Weedon 1January 2014Nether Heyford660
Weedon 2February 2015Flore140
Weedon 3February 2014Weedon Bec460
Weedon 4January 2014Weedon Bec160
Weedon 5March 2014Weedon Bec210
Weedon 6February 2014Weedon Bec360
Weedon 7February 2014Flore350
Weedon 8January 2014Weedon Bec160
​Weedon 9​September 2017​Flore​190
​Weedon 10​December 2017​Dodford​70
Welford 3May 2015Welford300
Welford 4May 2015Welford170
​Wellingborough 1​December 2016Wellingborough​50
​Wellingborough 5​December 2016Wellingborough​160
​Wellingborough 13​November 2016Dennington Ind. Estate​40
​Wellingborough 28​June 2017Wellingborough​100
Wellingborough 36August 2014Wellingborough90
Wellingborough 49August 2014Wellingborough140
​Wellingborough 50​December 2016Wellingborough​30
​Wellingborough 54​August 2016Wellingborough​40
Wellingborough 56October 2014Wellingborough190
Wellingborough 58June 2015Great Doddington120
​Wellingborough 64​March 2019Wellingborough​61
​Wellingborough 65​March 2019​Wellingborough​103
Weston Favell 18March 2015Northampton130
​Weston Favell 32​May 2017​Ecton​50
​Weston Favell 40​September 2015​Northampton​110
​Weston Favell 47​September 2015​Northampton​80
​Weston Favell 48​January 2018​Northampton​20
​Weston Favell 50​April 2017​Riverside Business Park​50
​Yardley Gobion 1​March 2017​Pottersbury​90
​Yardley Gobion 2​August 2015​Yardley Gobion ​230
​Yardley Gobion 3​April 2017​Yardley Gobion​160
Yardley Gobion 4June 2015Pottersbury580
​Yardley Gobion 5​March 2017​Grafton Regis​50
​Yardley Gobion 6​January 2018​Yardley Gobion​160
Yardley Hastings 1October 2014Yardley Hastings280
​Yardley Hastings 3​April 2017​Castle Ashby​80
​Yardley Hastings 4​April 2017​Yardley Hastings​90

​The fibre network build is underway in the following areas. You can use BT's Wholesale Checker to see if you are served by one of the cabinets due to be upgraded. Keep checking the Roll Out Schedule for news on progress.

To find out more about what is involved in the network build, please visit "Building the Network

Please note that all plans may be subject to change – timescales shown are indicative and should be treated as a guide only. There are many reasons why plans may be subject to change. These are explained further in the FAQs.


Village/ Locality

​Cabinet location

​Expected to go live

​Blakesley V1 (FTTP)​Blakesley​N/AOctober - December 2019

​Blisworth V1 (FTTP)



October - December 2019

​Corby 31​Corby town centre​Willow Place, CorbyOctober - December 2019
​Daventry V33 (FTTP)​Daventry town centre and Lower Catesby​N/AOctober - December 2019
​Great Oakley V1 (FTTP)​Rushton​N/AOctober - December 2019
​Harrowden V1 (FTTP)Hardwick​​N/AOctober - December 2019
​Kettering 105​Weekley​N/AOctober - December 2019
​Kingsthorpe 37​KingsthorpeTBAOctober - December 2019
​Roade 14​Quinton​Hartwell RoadOctober - December 2019
​Silverstone 6​Silverstone Technology Park​TBA​October - December 2019
​Weedon V1 (FTTP)​Weedon​N/AOctober - December 2019


​To find out if you are served by one of the completed builds below go to Gigaclear's Postcode Checker. To compare fibre broadband deals available to you go to or other comparison sites.   

Faster broadband services are not automatic – you need to contact an internet service provider to ask about and order an upgrade. To find out how to purchase a superfast service go to "Get Connected".

VillageNetwork IDLive Date
ArmstonBarnwell (East Midlands) Mar-19
BrixworthBrixworth (East Midlands)Sep-19
BulwickBulwick (East Midlands)Sep-18
Church BramptonChurch Brampton (East Midlands) Mar-19
CottinghamCottingham (East Midlands)Mar-19
DeeneBulwick (East Midlands)Aug-18
Deene ParkBulwick (East Midlands)Sep-18
DeenethorpeBulwick (East Midlands)Sep-18
East FarndonSibbertoftApr-18
FineshadeBulwick (East Midlands) Sep-18
HemingtonBarnwell (East Midlands) Mar-19
Hinton-in-the-HedgesHinton (East Midlands)Jul-19
HoldenbyChurch Brampton (East Midlands) Mar-19
LaxtonBulwick (East Midlands)Sep-18
Loddington Great Cransley (East Midlands) Mar-19
Lower HarlestoneChurch Brampton (East Midlands) Mar-19
Luddington Barnwell (East Midlands) Mar-19
Luddington in the BrookBarnwell (East Midlands) Mar-19
OrtonGreat Cransley (East Midlands) Mar-19
RAF CroughtonCroughtonAug-17
Teeton Church Brampton (East Midlands) Mar-19
ThenfordCharlton (East Midlands)Jul-19
ThurningBarnwell (East Midlands) Mar-19
Upper AstropCharlton (East Midlands)Jul-19
Upper Harlestone Church Brampton (East Midlands) Mar-19
Upper LaxtonBulwick (East Midlands)Sep-18
WakerleyBisbrooke ExtensionApr-18

The fibre network build is now underway. You can use Gigaclear's Postcode Checker to see if your premise forms part of plans. Keep checking the Roll Out Schedule for news on progress.

To find out more about what is involved in the network build, please visit "The Network Build and Technologies FAQ".

Live date by calendar year quarter means: Q1 January - March, Q2 April - June, Q3 July - September, Q4 October - December.  This shows the current forecast date for completion of the whole community build (Network ID). 

Please note that all plans may be subject to change – timescales shown are indicative and should be treated as a guide only. There are many reasons why plans may be subject to change. These are explained further in the FAQs.

VillageNetwork IDLive Date (calendar year)
AchurchThorpe Waterville (East Midlands) Q1 2020
AldwincleThorpe Waterville (East Midlands) Q1 2020
AlthorpeLittle Brington (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Appletree Industrial EstateChipping Warden (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Ashton (South Northants) Ashton  (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Ashton (East Northants)Polebrook (East Midlands)Q4 2019
Ashton WoldPolebrook (East Midlands)Q4 2019
Blisworth ArmMilton Malsor (East Midlands) Q2 2020
BoughtonChapel Brampton (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Boughton ParkGlendon (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Brackley HatchSyresham (East Midlands) Q2 2020
CaldecoteGreens Norton (East Midlands) Q1 2020
CaldecottChelveston (East Midlands) Q4 2019
ChacombeChacombe (East Midlands)Q4 2019
ChelvestonChelveston (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Chipping WardenChipping Warden (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Church StoweWeedon Bec (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Clay Coton Yelvertoft (East Midlands) Q1 2020
CloptonTitchmarsh (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Corn HillUpper Stowe (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Cosgrove Cosgrove  (East Midlands) Q2 2020
CrowfieldSyresham (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Deanshanger Wicken (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Denford AshChelveston (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Desborough (part)Desborough  (East Midlands) Q2 2020
DuncoteGreens Norton (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Easton NestonGreens Norton  (East Midlands) Q1 2020
EdgecoteEydon  (East Midlands) Q4 2019
FalcuttSyresham (East Midlands) Q2 2020
FawsleyNewnham (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Geddington (North)Geddington (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Geddington (South)Glendon (East Midlands) Q4 2019
GlendonGlendon (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Great DoddingtonGreat Doddington (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Greens Norton (part)Greens Norton (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Halse Thorpe Mandeville (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Handley ParkGreens Norton (East Midlands) Q1 2020
HarpoleHarpole  (East Midlands) Q2 2020
HeathencoteSilverstone (East Midlands) Q1 2020
HolcotHolcot (East Midlands) Q4 2019
HulcoteGreens Norton (East Midlands) Q1 2020
KislingburyHarpole (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Long Buckby WharfNorton (East Midlands) Q1 2020
LuttonPolebrook (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Milton MalsorMilton Malsor (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Moulton (part)Moulton  (East Midlands) Q2 2020
NewnhamNewnham (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Newton BromswoldNewton Bromswold (East Midlands) Q1 2020
NobottleLittle Brington (East Midlands) Q1 2020
OverstoneHolcot (East Midlands) Q4 2019
PapleyPolebrook (East Midlands)Q4 2019
PassenhamWicken (East Midlands) Q2 2020
PattishallPattishall (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Paulersbury Paulersbury (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Pilton Thorpe Waterville (East Midlands) Q1 2020
PolebrookPolebrook (East Midlands)Q4 2019
PotterspuryCosgrove   (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Potterspury LodgePaulersbury (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Preston Deanery Quinton (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Puxley Wicken (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Radstone Thorpe Mandeville (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Rothersthorpe Rothersthorpe (East Midlands) Q2 2020
Rushden Newton Bromswold  (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Silverstone (part)Silverstone (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Slipton Lowick (East Midlands) Q4 2019
Stanford On AvonWelford (East Midlands) Q1 2020
Stoke DoyleThorpe Waterville (East Midlands) Q1 2020
SudboroughLowick (East Midlands)Q4 2019
SywellHolcot (East Midlands) Q4 2019
TitchmarshTitchmarsh (East Midlands)Q4 2019
Upper StoweUpper Stowe (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Warmington Warmington (East Midlands)Q1 2020
WelfordWelford (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Wellingborough, Millers ParkGreat Doddington (East Midlands)Q2 2020
WeltonAshby St Ledgers (East Midlands)Q1 2020
West FarndonEydon (East Midlands)Q4 2019
WhiltonLittle Brington (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Whilton Locks (Part)Norton (East Midlands)Q1 2020
WhistonYardley Hastings (East Midlands)Q1 2020
WickenWicken (East Midlands)Q2 2020
WigsthorpeTitchmarsh (East Midlands)Q4 2019
WilbyWilby (East Midlands)Q2 2020
WinwickYelvertoft (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Wood BurcoteSilverstone (East Midlands)Q1 2020
Yardley HastingsYardley Hastings (East Midlands)Q1 2020


If you can’t see your area listed on the Roll Out Schedule then go to the When and Where map for further information.

Please note that the Roll Out Schedule is updated more frequently than the map and may provide more detailed timescales. It shows the most current position on expected timescales (See FAQs for more information).


Please note that all plans may be subject to change – timescales shown are indicative and should be treated as a guide only. There are many reasons why plans may be subject to change. These are explained further in the FAQs.


Where can I find out more information?

  • To find out which cabinet or structure you are served by please visit the Openreach Fibre Checker or the Gigaclear premise level checker.  There are also 'Useful Links' on the Home Page to other telecoms providers availability checkers.
  • When and Where Map
    Interactive map where you can search your postcode or place name to view postcode level information on the latest roll out plans under the Superfast Northamptonshire project (not accurate at a premise level).
  • FAQs
    Answers to many of your Frequently Asked Questions
  • Get Connected
    Advice on how to get connected, once fibre broadband is available in your area.  If you're in an upgraded area, getting faster broadband is not automatic