Telecoms Providers

The Broadband Directory provides basic information on a number of broadband network providers currently operating in Northamptonshire. It also provides links to enable you to find further information about them.

If you are a Next Generation Access or basic broadband network provider operating in the county and are not included in the list below, please contact the Project Team to provide your details.​

Broadband providers in Northamptonshire 

Fibre ​Wireless ​Satellite Broadband
​Bridge FibreAir Broadband​Broadband Wherever
​BT/Openreach ​Barton Broadband​B4B Telecoms
​CityFibre ​RedRawFreedomsat
​Gigaclear KONNECT
​Glide Voneus Rural Broadband​​​iBub Communications
​Open Fibre Networks Limited (OFNL)​NotSpot
​Tove Valley​Prime Satellite Broadband​
​Virgin Media RELIALINK
WarwickNet (see Glide)Rural Broadband
Satellite Internet


Air Broadband

Air Broadband Logo

The company has recently acquired Village Broadband and will be upgrading and expanding the network in Northamptonshire over the coming months.

AirBroadband is focused on providing solutions to those who are otherwise unable to get a quality broadband connection and can provide a range of solutions and services.

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B4B Group

B4B Group Logo

Founded in 2010, B4B Telecoms delivers business and corporate telecoms, network and data connectivity solutions to both private and public sector clients in the UK and Ireland. 

Barton Broadband

Barton Broadband Logo

Barton Broadband is a Northampton based company who offer a unique distribution point on the National Lift Tower. Barton Broadband offers connections to residential and business properties via wireless technology.

Bridge Fibre - part of Modern Networks Ltd

Bridge Fibre LogoModern Networks Logo

Bridge Fibre specialise in helping small to medium-sized organisations to get the best from their information and communications technology. They also offer strategic ICT advice to larger firms, helping them manage their technology resources and prepare their organisations and culture for change.

From Autumn 2022 Bridge Fibre will be fully integrated into Modern Networks Ltd. As a result of the integration, the Bridge Fibre name and branding will be retired.

Broadband Wherever

Broadband Wherever Logo

Broadband Wherever is one of Europe’s leading distributor’s of satellite broadband solutions. Offering speeds of up to 20Mb download and 6Mb upload speed completely independent of a phone line. This means you can take the service anywhere within the UK.


BT Logo

Openreach logo

BT is one of the world’s largest communications providers whose operations span 170 different countries. The company has its own extensive telecoms network and broadband connections in the UK with a mixture of Broadband, TV and telecommunications services. BT is divided up into 5 separate companies: BT Global services, BT Business, BT Consumer, BT Wholesale and BT Openreach.

Broadband Coverage Checkers

Openreach Fibre Community Partnership Scheme

Openreach can work with local communities to build a customised fibre solution with a joint funding arrangement.

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CityFibre Logo

CityFibre is the UK’s largest alternative provider of wholesale fibre network infrastructure and the builder of Gigabit Cities. Northampton is being transformed into one of the best digitally connected areas on the planet as CityFibre invests £40m+ in a new full fibre network throughout Northampton.

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Gigaclear Logo

Gigaclear is a UK based fibre broadband infrastructure provider. Gigaclear deploys Ultra fast Fibre direct to communities or business areas. Its technology involves wholly Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) broadband networks which can provide speeds of up to 1Gbps.

To find out about other Internet Service Providers available on Gigaclear Networks visit the Gigaclear partners web page

Glide Group

Glide Logo

Warwicknet, which provides superfast broadband connectivity to a number of business parks across the county,  joined forces with two other specialist companies to become the Glide Group.

Glide Business offers super-ultra-fast broadband to companies on business parks and industrial estates.

Glide Student offers utility management solutions for shared living including superfast broadband solutions.

Glide Residential offers connectivity solutions to the Build to Rent sector.

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iBub Communications

iBub Logo

iBub Communications are an approved supplier of the BDUK National Satellite scheme.

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NotSpot Broadband

Notspot Logo

NotSpot Broadband provide all the latest technology for your business or home including fibre, satellite and wireless solutions.

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Open Fibre Networks


OFNL are an independent supplier of superfast fibre optic broadband infrastructure involving wholly Fibre to the Premise technology and allow access to a large variety of telecoms providers and services. They serve new build residential and commercial developments offering broadband speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps in localities across the UK including Priors Hall and Little Stanion in Northamptonshire.


Openreach logoBT Logo

​See BT/Openreach.

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Prime Satellite Broadband

Prime Satellite Broadband Logo

Prime Satellite Broadband is the satellite service division of Prime Satcom Consulting Limited, which was formed in 2003. Today Prime Satellite Broadband has a multi-partnership approach as it has partnerships with many other providers. Together their technology expertise allows them to provide the best service for their customers.

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RedRaw Internet

Redraw Internet Logo

RedRaw Internet provide rural or urban internet for your Business or Home including wireless and fibre solutions.


Relialink Logo

Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband Logo

Rural Broadband supply a range of satellite and mobile solutions so that specific customer focused solutions can be provided 

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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet Logo

Satellite Internet supply affordable, high speed and easy to set up broadband to rural and hard to reach areas.


Starlink Logo

Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe. Within each coverage area, orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Starlink Website  

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Tove Valley Broadband

Tove Valley Broadband Logo

Run by the Abthorpe Broadband Association (ABbA), Tove Valley Broadband is a not for profit company supplying around 600 properties in the villages of Abthorpe, Slapton, Wappenham, Lois Weedon, Weston, Astwell, Bradden and Helmdon.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media Logo

Virgin Media is a subsidiary business of Liberty Global plc, with operations that span 14 different countries and include supplying broadband, mobile, fixed line and TV services to the UK. Virgin media has its own telecoms infrastructure and has deployed a large amount of the existing fibre optic cables in the UK.

  • Telephone: 0800 064 3823

Voneus Rural Broadband

Voneus Broadband Logo

Voneus Rural Broadband provide Superfast wireless and Ultrafast fibre broadband to rural communities and is one of the largest specialist rural broadband providers

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Glide Logo

See Glide

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