Telecoms Opportunities – Helpful Information

This page provides information to telecoms providers to help identify opportunities for commercial telecoms investment in North and West Northamptonshire. If you would like to see other data made available then please email your suggestions to the project team for review. All data will be supplied on an equal basis to providers.

Maximising commercial investment and market competition in the local area will be critical to the achievement of the Superfast Northamptonshire coverage targets. As a growing county the opportunities for telecoms providers are potentially lucrative, whether serving new build or retrofitting existing communities.

Why Invest in North and West Northamptonshire?

Northamptonshire has one of the fastest rates of population growth in Britain and this is forecast to continue. This is being driven by an influx of younger people and higher birth rates. This growing population will contribute to the future customer base to drive demand for superfast broadband. Together, the area of North and West Northamptonshire already has a population of almost 750,000 according to ONS mid-year population estimates from 2019, and this is set to grow to 820,000 by 2030. The local economy is growing fast too contributing over £14bn to the national economy. Current projections indicate that the local economy contribution will rise to £20bn by 2020 and we want to exceed this target.

There are a number of suppliers operating in the county. You can find out more on the Telecoms Providers page. To view the extent of superfast and gigabit broadband coverage across North and West Northamptonshire, including subsidised plans being delivered by Superfast Northamptonshire, please visit the project's interactive When and Where map. White (unserved) premises shown highlight potential local opportunities for providers. The map also shows opportunities to upgrade superfast coverage to gigabit capable. By April 2021, superfast broadband coverage stood at 98.6% and full fibre at 19.5%. 

The When and Where map will shortly be updated to include the outcome of the December 2020 OMR and review with an update expected by end of April 2021.

In November 2020, the then County Council, as the Local Body responsible for broadband interventions, invited telecoms providers to participate in a State Aid and Open Market Review, to ensure that the most up to date information on existing and planned commercial coverage in the county could be taken into account. Final submissions were received in March 2020.

This enables new opportunities to extend superfast and gigabit capable broadband infrastructure in the area to be considered. This data will also be helpful to ensure commercial coverage and plans are properly reflected on the Superfast Northamptonshire When and Where map (non-supplier specific). The map will be updated following the OMR and review in April 2021.

A range of house builders and developers are investing in Northamptonshire to meet the growing population demands. Some of the developers operating in the county are listed in the table below.


Affordable Houses Development Ltd

Barratt Homes

Bee Bee Developments

Bellway Homes

Ben Bailey Homes

Bovis Homes

Carter Homes

Clayson Country Homes

David Wilson Homes

Frank Haslam Milan

Galliford Try

Gladman Developments Ltd

Grace Homes Ltd

Hampton Brook

HID Estates Ltd

Jelson Homes

Keepmoat Homes

Key Partnership Homes Ltd

Kier Living Ltd

Lagan Homes


Lifespace Develpments

Linden Homes

Millen Homes Ltd

Northampton Partnership Homes

Orbit Homes

Paul Newman New Homes

Persimmon Homes


Seagrave Developments

Stepford Homes

Strata Homes

Taylor Wimpey

Westleigh New Homes

White Rock Homes

William Davis

The Secretary of State has approved a series of documents relating to the compliance of building regulations in respect to superfast broadband provision.

The requirement applies to new buildings and those subject to major renovation works. The approved documentation requires the deployment of ‘in building infrastructure and the building(s) must be equipped with a common access point and suitable ducting should a network provider wish to provide a service.

Further information

Weekly lists

North and West Northamptonshire Councils provide online weekly lists of all the new build applications they receive.  These are split into geographic areas based on the former district and borough council boundaries. Please follow the links below.

North Northamptonshire Council Weekly Lists

West Northamptonshire Council Weekly Lists

Planning department contact details

The contact details for area based Planning teams in North and West Northamptonshire Councils are listed below.

North Northamptonshire Council

West Northamptonshire Council

We recognise that businesses are the catalyst for economic growth and that SMEs play a vital role in economic prosperity. According to the Business population estimates 2019, it has been estimated that there were around 5.9 million businesses in the UK. SMEs accounted for 99.2 per cent of all private sector businesses; 52 per cent of private sector employment and 48.5 per cent of private sector turnover in the UK.

Digital connectivity is key to supporting local SME’s and business growth. A map and details for many of the industrial estates and business parks in North and West Northamptonshire are available below:

Superfast Northamptonshire delivery progress

  • To view Superfast Northamptonshire delivery progress, visit the Roll Out Schedule page for details of structures delivered and available for services plus what is in the pipeline coming soon.

Interactive mapping

Layers available include Conservation Areas, SSSI and Flood Risk Areas.

Publicly Available Specification - Department for Business, Innovation and Skills