Case Studies- Superfast Businesses

​For more information on how superfast broadband has boosted local business in Northamptonshire, please check out the following local case study videos and hear directly from businesses already benefitting.

Shiny Studios, Northampton

Shiny Studios is a local film, TV and video company. It works with businesses and charities to enable them to deliver their products and services to audiences in new and innovative ways through film, narrative and interactive experiences.

Before superfast broadband it would take hours to upload large media files to share with customers; this can now be done in seconds.  This has made a huge difference to available productive time and how the Shiny team interacts with their customers.  Steve Mowbray, a producer at Shiny Studios said “Superfast broadband has transformed how we work with our customers and increased productivity.” Some of Shiny's work can be seen in this show reel.

Evergreen Art Cafe, Daventry

The Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry is one of the top independent art galleries in the country. Superfast broadband allows them to showcase artists on social media and sell pieces to customers around the world through their website.



Cortexa are an online communications agency in Great Doddington specialising in training and promotions for the construction industry. Superfast broadband is essential for them to work effienciently.

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Total Sim

Total Sim Ltd are a Brackley based company who use superfast broadband to communicate efficiently with customers using desktop sharing and video conferencing. It enables easy collaboration to quickly solve problems.

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Superfast broadband has helped Northampton based company ACS transform their business over the past 5 years. It has allowed them to develop cloud computing, a new way to consume IT and store data through a secure, backed up online data centre., based in Corby, has grown into one of the biggest model aircraft websites in the world. Superfast broadband is essential for them to get information about their latest product offering to their customers ahead of the competition.

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The Curve Group

The Curve Group, South Northamptonshire are a talent management specialists for the business and financial services sector, are using superfast broadband to spur growth, see their experience here.

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