Benefits of broadband for business

Superfast broadband will enable local businesses in Northamptonshire to access the latest digital connectivity and its applications to help create jobs, to promote research and development, and to support innovation and growth. Access to leading edge technology will help to attract new businesses and investment to the county.

What benefits could taking up a superfast broadband service bring to your company? ...

  • Boost productivity
    Faster speeds even at the busiest times of day mean that your business does not need to suffer the frustrations of buffering any more!  Capture that time back to boost your productivity and staff morale.

  • Online file sharing
    Get instant access to shared online workspaces and take collaborative working to a whole new level.

  • ‘Cloud' based services
    Providing a host of benefits including increased capacity, server storage, saving costs, and enabling business to interact more efficiently with customers

  • Data storage and backup
    Combine hosted applications with online data storage and backup, and you’ll dramatically reduce the cost of computer hardware.

  • HD and 3D video conferencing
    Talk through and agree ideas face-to-face via full HD video calls with colleagues, customers and suppliers – anywhere in the world. It’s even possible to do it in 3D!

  • Increase efficiencies

    Including reducing the need to travel through tele or video conferencing and remote access to the office.

  • Media-heavy files
    You won’t have to wait ages to download massive, media-heavy files.

  • Increase innovation
    Through applied technology

  • Access new domestic and global markets
    Through website and internet enabled marketing, promotion and data transfer

  • Social media
    Accounts such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are used for everything from organising events to product promotion and market research. Social media has the ability to connect people and brands around the world, creating a huge global network.

  • Reduce Costs - Cut down on energy use by using cloud computing which means less need for energy-hungry servers at every office

  • Want to start your own business? Superfast broadband can help, opening up a world of low-cost business software and allowing for the quick upload and download of large files and images. Cut your commute and create time to enjoy all the benefits of superfast broadband.

    Don’t take our word for it – why not hear from local Northamptonshire companies who are already benefitting from a superfast broadband boost to business -  view the videos below to find out more

Evergreen Art Cafe, Daventry

The Evergreen Art Cafe in Daventry is one of the top independent art galleries in the country. Superfast broadband allows them to showcase artists on social media and sell pieces to customers around the world through their website.

Find out more about the Evergreen Art Cafe here
Twitter: @EvergreenArtCaf



Cortexa are an online communications agency in Great Doddington specialising in training and promotions for the construction industry. Superfast broadband is essential for them to work efficiently:

Find out more about Cortexa here:
Twitter: @CortexaUK


Total Sim

Total Sim Ltd is a Brackley based company who use superfast broadband to communicate efficiently with customers using desktop sharing and video conferencing. It enables easy collaboration to quickly solve problems

Find out more about Total Sim here
Twitter @totalsimltd




Superfast broadband has helped Northampton based company ACS transform their business over the past 5 years. It has allowed them to develop cloud computing, a new way to consume IT and store data through a secure, backed up online data centre

Find out more about ACS here
Twitter: @acs365, based in Corby, has grown one of the biggest model aircraft websites in the world. Superfast broadband is essential for them to get information about their latest product offering to their customers ahead of the competition.

Find out more about here :
Twitter: @airspotters


The Curve Group

The Curve Group, based in South Northamptonshire are talent management specialists for the business and financial services sector. They are using superfast broadband to spur growth, see their experience here:

Find out more about The Curve Group here :
Twitter @thecurvegroup