Postcard Campaign to Boost Take Up of Fibre Broadband Launched
25th March 2019

Superfast Northamptonshire has recently been awarded over £12,000 by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to support measures to help drive the take up of superfast broadband services.  Performance on take up in the county is good but there is scope to see more.  By boosting take up of fibre broadband services, this 100% grant funded initiative is increasing the benefits achieved through public investment in the county's fibre broadband infrastructure. 

In late March, over 34,000 postcards dropped through the letterboxes of homes and businesses which have been served by the Superfast Northamptonshire project.  These premises, which are located in urban and rural communities across the county, now have access to superfast broadband.  The postcard aimed to raise awareness that fibre broadband is now available and about the benefits of upgrading to a faster more reliable service. It also signposted residents to advice on how to get connected.  Getting faster broadband is not automatic, you need to order a service upgrade.  See our Get Connected webpage for advice.

These premises are some of the 72,000 premises served to date by the project in partnership with Government and delivery suppliers Openreach and Gigaclear Networks.  The postcard drop targeted areas where less than 50% of the premises served by the project had taken up a fibre service. 

Northampton is set to benefit from an investment of 40m in its digital future.
20th March 2019

Northampton is set to benefit from an investment of £40m in its digital future as part of plans announced by CityFibre to roll out full fibre networks capable of supporting 1000 Mbps speeds. For reference the average speed available to UK premises currently sits around the 33 Mbps mark. On completion, the state-of-the-art network is expected to reach nearly every home and business within the town. CityFibre report that this will not only provide residents and businesses with access to the UK's fastest broadband services, it will also support the roll-out of 5G mobile services in the future.

The network roll out is due to begin in the autumn of 2019, with the first Vodafone Gigafast broadband services set to go live by the end of the year. 

This is great news and a real opportunity for Northampton.  With full fibre connectivity currently only available to 6% of premises in the UK, Northampton will be well placed to attract and grow new digital savvy business.  

Learn more about the benefits of fast and reliable broadband for business here.

To find out more about CityFibre and its full fibre roll-out, visit:

To find out more about Northamptonshire County Council's efforts to bring fibre broadband to the hardest to reach areas within the county, visit: