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BT has won two contracts with the County Council to deliver the first two stages of the Superfast Northamptonshire project and is playing a major part in helping to deliver benefits to many areas in the county that are in need of faster broadband. The first stage of the project was contracted in March 2013 following a procurement process through the Government’s Broadband Infrastructure Framework. The contract with BT was extended twice in 2014 to provide an additional 4,750 premises with access to superfast broadband, on top of the 48,660 first envisaged. Excellent progress has been made and these extended Stage 1 plans were completed in December 2015, three months ahead of schedule.

The second contract was awarded to BT in November 2014 and will extend the availability of superfast broadband to a further 20,465 premises by the end of  December 2017; bringing BT's original plans for Stage 2 forward by 9 months from September 2018 to meet County Council target timescales.  A saving of almost £200,000 on the original public investment at contract award was secured as part of the acceleration deal.

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Together these contracts will deliver hundreds of miles of fibre broadband network to make superfast broadband available to more than 74,250 homes and businesses in the county. Families and businesses can choose to take up superfast broadband services once available by asking their Internet Service Provider (ISP) about how to upgrade or finding the best deal by comparing ISP offers on-line. BT’s network is open meaning that people will have significant choice about who to buy their internet services from.  You can find out how to Get Connected here.

So, what is BT delivering with the County Council for Northamptonshire through the Superfast Northamptonshire project?

​Contract 1: worth £12.9m (up from £11.4m)
Contract 2: worth £10.2m (down from £10.4m)​

​Involves £9m of public investment
(Original public investment at Contract award £8.16m) 

​Involves £7.2m of public investment
(Original public investment at Contract award £7.4m)

£3.9m investment by BT£3m investment by BT

​Involved planning, design and build of a fibre based network which has provided access to Superfast Broadband (>24Mbps) to:

53,800 premises (within the target 'in need' area)
This is 400 premises more than the contract target.

In total over 61,950 premises have been passed by fibre (including those above which will benefit from access to superfast broadband). This is almost 1,000 more than the Contract target.

Involves planning, design and build of a fibre based network which will provide access to Superfast Broadband (>24Mbps) to:

20,465 premises
In total over 23,900 premises will be passed by fibre (including those above which will benefit from access to superfast broadband)

​Superfast broadband equates to 16.8% of all premises in the county
​Superfast broadband coverage planned equates to 6.4% of all premises in the county

Delivers the project’s interim coverage target:

90% of all premises in the county should have access to superfast[1] broadband by the end of 2015 when Contract 1 plans are combined with known existing and planned commercial coverage by all telecoms providers.

Contract 2 plans with BT, when combined with Stage 1 and commercial coverage, should take us over 95% towards our full coverage target for superfast broadband by the end of 2017. 

(See also Project Progress for more information on the next stages of the project to deliver more)

​Network build from  2013 to March 2016 - completed 3 months early in December 2015.

​Network build from early 2016 to December 2017

The first two stages of the Superfast Northamptonshire project involve public funding from Northamptonshire County Council, Government (the Department of Culture Media and Sport (BDUK programme), the Department for Business Innovation and Skill (Local Growth Fund via NEP); and the local district and borough councils. Please view the FAQs to find out more.

[1] Please refer to the Northamptonshire Public Consultation Outcome Report on the Intervention Area webpage for information on the treatment of ‘superfast’ commercial coverage for the purpose of the project

The first new fibre powered cabinets (green roadside boxes) to be delivered by the project went ‘live’ in February 2014 benefitting most of the residents and businesses in Towcester, South Northamptonshire which can now access superfast broadband. Government Minister for Communications, Ed Vaizey, was on hand to mark the achievement of this milestone.  18 months on and the Minister congratulated Northamptonshire for reaching over 50,000 premises with the superfast broadband roll out.  Without the multi-million pound public / private investment, superfast fibre broadband would not be available to these premises and the benefits that this brings.

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From the left:  County Council Leader Jim Harker, Ed Vaizey MP, County Councillor Andre Gonzalez de Savage and BT Managing Director of NGA, Bill Murphy

For more information on how and where BT are delivering for the project please visit the following pages for more information

For more information on how BT roll out their network please watch BT's 'Big Build' video below;



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