Digital Economy Minister visits local ‘Superfast’ Film production studio, ‘Shiny’

26 January 2016

In January, Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Digital Economy, made a visit to 'Shiny' studios in the Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone. He was invited to see how having access to superfast broadband has helped to transform the business and how they work.

Steve Andre Ed looking smiling at laptop.jpg 

From left to right: Steve Mowbray, Producer Shiny Studios, County Councillor Andre Gonzales de Savage and Minister for Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey

Shiny Studios is a local film, TV and video company located on Kingswell Street, Northampton. The company works with businesses and charities to enable them to deliver their products and services to audiences in new and innovative ways through film, narrative and interactive experiences.

Run by producers Peter Snell and Steve Mowbray, their clients include Redbull, Channel 4 and the Guardian as well as local businesses and charities.  Shiny was one of the first businesses to take up superfast broadband in the Enterprise Zone after the network was upgraded to fibre through the County Council's Superfast Northamptonshire project.

Steve explained to the Minister that before the fibre upgrade, their broadband speed had been so slow that it significantly impacted their ability to do business.  Dealing with large media files, it could take literally hours to upload and download files to share with clients - it was often quicker for them to go home to download data.  The availability of superfast broadband is making a huge difference to how they communicate and work with their customers and means data files can transfer is seconds rather than hours.  This is having a major impact on productivity and boosting their bottom line.  They have also seen staff morale perk up as the team are no longer frustrated by delays and buffering when on line.  Importantly it has meant that Shiny has not had to move from their base in the town centre.

Ed pointing to speed test.jpgEd Vaizey, the Minister for Digital Economy, is wowed by a broadband speed test at Shiny Studios

You can find out more about Shiny Studios at

You can find out more about the Superfast Northamptonshire project at including learning more about the benefits to business.



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