Andre's Blog: Proposals for the project's next steps given the green light

06 October 2015

Although there is still some work to do to secure additional funding and to see how telecoms providers can help us deliver.   We are focusing on three routes to engage with telecoms providers:

  • Continued promotion of Northamptonshire as a great place for commercial investment by telecoms providers with a view to maximising commercial coverage (no public funding requirement). 

  • Exploring what more BT may be able to deliver for us through our existing contracts, with additional public sector investment

  • Launching a further public procurement to secure private sector co-investment and solutions from the telecoms market to deliver alongside existing plans.

More news will be posted on the project website as these next steps come forward.  Northamptonshire remains one of the front runners nationally in progressing its plans.

Don't forget that you can also follow progress by going to the Roll Out Schedule and When and Where map on the project website. 

Over 50,000 additional homes and businesses in Northamptonshire now have access to superfast broadband thanks to the County Council's investment alongside Government and with support from local partners. 

To view the Cabinet report please click here

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