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27 November 2015

Government explores altnet fund and finds cash for mobile broadband

In the spending review, the government announced the possibility of setting up a new fund to invest in altnets and found £550m to support more spectrum for mobile broadband

Spending review and Autumn Statement – The Impact on Broadband

The Spending Review and the Autumn Statement was a politically charged event and while the Chancellor George Osborne did not speak on broadband itself, economies from a digital revolution in the HMRC and online filing of returns hit at the effect the Government is hoping from vastly improved broadband speeds across the UK.

Superfast broadband coverage progress across UK regions

The announcement over the weekend that the UK will be working towards a 10 Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO) by the end of 2020 means we have changed our monthly round-up to reflect this new target by adding a 10 Mbps coverage column, replacing the previous 15 Mbps column

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